From Tropea To Nola

From Tropea To Nola

From Tropea To Nola

Together with the parents, Santa Domenica is denounced to the Proconsul of Calabria as an enemy of the Empire and follower of the Christian God.

The Proconsul immediately informs the Emperor, who ordered that, by persisting them in faith, they are conducted immediately to him.

Diocletian stays, at that time, at Nola in Campania, where he chairs, with inhuman ferocity, to the most important causes of Christians that he condemned to vile tortures.

The journey from Tropea in Nola was therefore of many days, made even harder by the chains, poor food and by suffered tortures.

Wherever they passed, Domenica and her parents were cursed. No one had compassion nor for the age of the parents nor for that tender and delicate of the girl and, much less, no one had regard about the nobility of their birth.

Still, it is not possible to describe the sufferings of the parents seeing the lovable daughter under the weight of the chains or the pain of Domenica, seeing her father and mother, curved and pale.

But Doroteo and Arsenia comforted the girl, reminding that the penalties would be converted into joy, while Domenica maintained their hopes, ensuring that she would not fear nor the Emperor’s eyes, nor the atrocities of torment and even the gallows.